Philippines to Malaysia

In January 2019 we left Port Barton in the Philippines and sailed 450 NM to Brunei on Borneo where we stayed for a couple of weeks before we continued another 400 NM to Kuching in Malaysian Borneo. On the 13:th of March we left Kuching and crossed the South Chineese Sea to Singapore 450 NM. Our journey ended at Sebana Cove Marina on the Malaysian mainland close to Singapore where we decided to leave the boat in the end of April for our ususal summer holiday in Aland.

We spent 5 weeks in Sebana Cove Marina and during that time we made a one day visit to Singapore and a five day visit to Cambodia.

Here are the Log Books from 2019:

  1. Philippines

  2. Borneo

  3. Singapore/Malaysia

  4. Cambodia

  5. Aland

  6. Malaysia again