In early January 2018 we left Kosrae and sailed 300 NM west to Pohnpei and the ruins of Nan Madol. We still hadn't decided where to go after that or where to leave the boat for the summer but a few days of research showed that the Philippines could be a good alternative and that an interesting stop on the way would be Guam, 900 NM west-north-west of Pohnpei.

We stayed three weeks on Guam and then continued to the Philippines, 1100 NM further to the west. On Samal Island, in the south of the Philippines, we left the boat by the end of March to spend the summer in our home in Aland.

In November 2018 we returned to the Philippines and started the preparations for a new sailing season.

Here are the Log Books from 2018:

  1. Pohnpei

  2. Guam

  3. Philippines

  4. Aland

  5. Philippines again