Sailing back home

In December 2019 we left Malaysia and sailed to Sri-Lanka. We arrived to the port of Galle on the 24:th of December after 9 days at sea and 1220 NM. We had very light winds many days and had to use almost 200L of diesel for motorsailing.

On the 8:th of January we left Sri-lanka for Cochin in India, 350 NM, where we arrived 3 days later. We spent 3 weeks in India and left for Socotra in Jemen by the end of January where we arrived on the 9:th of February after 1400 NM. One week later we continued to Djibouti, another 700 NM, and then up through the Red Sea in the beginning of March.

In Egypt we were stopped by the Corona Pandemi. We hoped that ports would soon open up again but after a month in Port Ghalib we realized that this was going to take time. So, we changed our plans and decided to go directly back home to Aland where we knew we would be welcome.

We sailed and sailed and for the next 54 days we were not allowed to enter any country. In Cherbourg/France we were finally allowed to go ashore and after that life was easier. In Holtenau/Germany our crew left us to return home to Belarus and after that Tove and I continued to our home in Aland where we anchored on the 7:th of July 2020 after almost 10.000 NM during the last 8 months and about 30.000 NM in total since 2011 when we left Sweden to sail around the world.

Here are the Log Books from 2020:

  1. Sri-Lanka

  2. India

  3. Socotra

  4. Djibouti

  5. Red Sea

  6. Mediterranean Sea

  7. Atlantic Ocean

  8. North Sea

  9. Home again