Second year in Las Palmas

Bird of Passage is now in Las Palmas. We celebrated the start of 2015 by watching the fireworks over the city with other Scandinavian sailors. Very impressing, I have never seen a show like this before.

During the spring in Las Palmas we had a fantastic time with so many activities that time passed quicker than I thought was possible. There was hikes and excursions, the Carneval, the Fridays at Sailors bar, many old friends visiting and new friends made. In April we went to Morocco for a week and in May we sailed to Fuerteventura.

By the end of May we left Bird of Passage in Las Palmas and returned to our home in Aland to build a new house, but in October we were back in Las Palmas again and started the preparations for crossing the Atlantic in January 2016.

Here are the Log Books from 2015:

  1. Spring in Las Palmas

  2. A week in Morocco

  3. Sailing to Fuerteventura

  4. Summer in Aland

  5. Back in Las palmas