Year 2015

Bird of Passage is now in Las Palmas. We celebrated the start of 2015 by watching the fireworks over the city with other Scandinavian sailors. Very impressing, I have never seen a show like this before.

During the spring in Las Palmas we had a fantastic time with so many activities that time passed quicker than I thought was possible. There was hikes and excursions, the Carneval, the Fridays at Sailors bar, many old friends visiting and new friends made. In April we went to Morocco for a week and in May we sailed to Fuerteventura.

By the end of May we left Bird of Passage in Las Palmas and returned to our home in Alandia to build a new house, but in October we were back in Las Palmas again and started the preparations for crossing the Atlantic in January 2016.

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