Year 2016

Across the Atlantic

After a long time of preparation we left Las Palmas on the 9:th of January. We were four aboard, me, Tove, Dan and Conny. First day we sailed down to Playa Melonera on the south tip of Gran Canaria. Next morning we cleaned the hull and the propellers from growth and by noon we were ready to go. 20 days later we dropped our anchor in Saint Anne on Martinique.

From Martinique Tove and I sailed south along the Leeward Islands to end up in Grenada where we spent a few weeks before we left Bird of Passage on land in the beginning of April and returned to our home in Alandia.

We spent the whole summer with construction work on our new home and didn't return to Grenada until November. In mid December our oldest son joined us and the three of us sailed on to Panama.

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