3. Porto Santo 2013  

We sailed from Lisbon to Porto Santo in hard wind from behind. On the way I managed do damage our boom in a violent gybe (HF radio made autopilot alter the course). We anchored outside the marina two nights and spent half a day in the village before we continued to Funchal on Madeira.

We left Lisbon in good weather with light winds, doing 5-6 knots. Our destination was Porto Santo, 500 nautical miles to the southwest. With this speed we would have a minimum of 4 days at sea in front of us. It didn't take long however before the wind increased and we were making an average of 8 knots. Lena adjusted her clothing accordingly !

First 24 hours we sailed almost 200 nautical miles ! Then the wind slowly decreased again. We dropped our anchor outside the marina in Porto Santo after 3 days and 6 hours.

Tove always finds a way to relax, even in hard weather. Reading is a favourite of course, for a librarian.

On the third day we spotted Porto Santo. The wind had now decreased but the sky was still cloudy.

After 500 nautical miles we dropped our anchor just outside the harbour. Good shelter in northerly swell and good grip in sand.

Next morning we launched our dinghy, attached our 28 year old 2 hp Yamaha and headed for the harbour.

Here we are, just arrived at the dinghy ramp, dressing for a walk into Porto Santo.

First thing you notice is all the paintings on the pier wall. An old tradition among sailors from all the world. We even managed to find a painting from our friends from home, on S/Y Catalina. They were here two years ago when we were in Dover, UK.

Shopping is tough. After an hour, you need a rest. While the ladies were fiddling with their cameras and smartphones I took a walk to the Columbus monument. He was here 1491.

Porto Santo has a fantastic beach, with very little tourists. Here is Bird of Passage riding on her anchor. The bottom is sand and the depth around 10 meters. Perfect conditions. Next day we would be off to Funchal, the capitol of Madeira.

  End of Porto Santo 2013