2. Lissabon 2013  

We left Povoa de Varzim in the beginning of July and sailed to Lisbon, 180 NM, where we stayed in Alcantara Marina two days and then set off to Porto Santo close to Madeira. Here are some pictures from our visit to Lisbon.

For the first time we could now try our new mainsail. 75 square meters, 5 full battens and MDS-cars all the way up. We also had new propellers. I replaced our fixed propellers during the winter with Volvo Penta Sailprops. I noticed the difference immediately. Much better speed when sailing, specially in light wind.

We wanted to find a marina as close as possible to the centre of the old city so we went up the Tejo river, under the big bridge until we reached Alcantara. On the picture above you see the bridge and to the left the Cristo Rei statue, similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro.

On the Tejo river, you also pass the Belem tower, a UNESCO world heritage site. It was built around 1500 to honour Vasco da Gama for his voyages to the new world. Kind of fun to know that we are following him !

We tied up in the marina and soon it was dark. Airplanes arriving to the airport passed close above us. Next morning we woke up by the sound of this brutal machine. 750 hp on a rubber dinghy !!!

The old city of Lisbon is a popular tourist attraction. We saw people from all over the world. Some used the latest technology for transportation, the Segway.

Some of the old parts of the city are on the high hills to the east. The towers to the left belong to the 17:th century monastery of St. Vincent de Fora. The tower to the right is the Panteo Nacional. Lovely and happy crew, Tove and Lena on the hills of Lisbon.

Easy way to get up is with this old tram. Full of pickpocketing young boys. I even caught one trying to get his hand into my (empty) pocket ! To the right, square of the fig tree. The man on the horse is 700 year old King John I. Up to the right, the Moorish Castelo de Saint Jorge.

Toan, ie. Tove and Johan. The T-shirt is a gift from Tove.

Lisbon Design and Fashion Museum.

Another way up to the hills is to use one of the worlds oldest elevators still in operation, the santa Justa Lift. 110+ years old ! This lift by the way, was designed by a student of Gustav Eiffel, Raul Mesnier de Ponsard, born in Porto.

Ministry of Justice at the magnificient Square of Commerce.

  End of Lissabon 2013