4. Madeira 2013  

Funchal is the biggest city on Madeira. The marina is not very big but has space for visiting yachts. You can also anchor outside. The marina in Porto Santo phoned them and helped us with a reservation. There are other marinas on Madeira. One is Quinta do Lorde up north east. This marina was severely damaged in bad weather in December 2013.

We left Porto Santo and set course for Funchal, the capital of Madeira. Only 40 miles away so this trip is easily done in one day. Maderia is a vulcanic island, just like the Canaries and the Azores. Dolphins are common in these waters, you see them all the time but you can never see them too much.

Funchal from the sea. The coastline is steep and many people live high up in the mountains. Once inside the harbour you notice that the pier is full of paintings, just like Porto Santo.

Another thing that strikes you are the big catamarnas full of tourists that come and go all the time.

Mr and Mrs Skipper walking along the pier. Notice the funny way we both walk with our hands behind our backs. Makes me think about twins who often behave similar. Maybe 25 years of marriage can change you in a similar way?

Madeira is well known for its beautiful trees and flowers. There is a very nice botanical garden high up in the mountains that you can reach through a cable car starting in the center of the old city in Funchal.

We went up and spent several hours studying all beutiful plants, most of them very exotic and totally unknown to us. The purple in the background is Bougainvillea but the cactus, I don't know. Looks like an extra delicious Agave.

Here are two other strange creatures. Skinny and bigfoot maybe ?

The cactus garden. Louise and Patrick was here !

Hortensia. We saw a lot of them on the Azores 1998.

Probably not 100% natural ?

A big yellow one, 15 centimeters in diameter. To the right, one of the strangest.

What can you say ? Natural geometry.

There is also a small collection of wonderful parrots in the botanical garden. This red one is so beautiful !

We took the cable car back and spent the rest of the day walking around in the city. Even here the flora is outstanding.

Many beautiful private gardens.

Many houses are decorated. Beautiful resturant in blue!

The entrance to the market and another fynny entrance. Never seen anything like that before !

  End of Madeira 2013