My first sailing boat

Trålaren is Swedish for Trawler, but also the name of a 28 ft motor sailer manufactured by Båtcentralen i Saltsjö-Duvnäs in Stockholm during the seventies and eighties. The company was run by Anders Küsel who also designed Trålaren.

Trålaren was only sold as a kit and in that time my economy didn't allow anything else but the smallest possible, which was the empty hull with deck and pilothouse. The picture above shows my Trålare when she was delivered to Örebro by the end of March 1979. Here is a link to Båtcentralens catalog in Swedish language.

Trålaren Catalog.pdf

Trålaren also has an active owner community on the internet, see:

Trålaren Swedish website

I have very few pictures of Etoile. The pictures above were taken by my brother while she was at her berth in Svartån in Örebro 1979.

These pictures are probably from 1983, the last year I had Etoile.

  End of 1979