About Tove's and Johan's Log Books

This website is a large collection of Log Books, with thousands of pictures, from many years of sailing and boat construction. It starts before I met Tove, then follows us and our children, for many years, first with Lynx and then with Bird of Passage around the world, to end up on the Aland Islands where we built a house and started looking for a new boat.

Tove worked all her life with books, just like her father. Last 25 years at Örebro university as a librarian specialized in rare books and before that on the Royal Library in Stockholm. Johan is a professor in mechanical engineering retired from Örebro university but also interested in boat design and construction.

The original version of the website was published 1998 but new log books have been added on a regular basis. A major rewrite was published 2014 and big updates 2019 and 2020.

You can contact us by E-mail: johan (at) toan.se or tove (at) toan.se

All photographs, if not otherwise stated, are © Tove and Johan Kjellander.

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