8. Las Palmas City 2013  

Las Palmas is a big city. Almost half of the islands 800.000 people live here. The climate is dominated by northerly winds that often turn into clouds when it reaches the coast. The southern part of the island is sunny, dry and hot. For this reason Las Palmas is a good place to live and work while the south part of the island is better for sun bathing tourists.

Las Palmas is the capital city of Gran Canaria. Here is the flag of the island.

The city is a strange mix of old and new. Colourful houses and narrow streets gather on the mountain slopes.

To the left is Casa de Colon, the Columbus museum. Columbus visited Las Palmas two times on his journeys. To the right is the classical theater named after Perez Galdos, a big Spanish author born in Las Palmas.

Five hundred years old Saint Anna Cathederal in Vegueta, the old city of Las Palmas. To the right, Gabinete Literario, originally a theater but now a cultural event centre.

Las Palmas is full of culture events. Once a week, there is traditional music and dancing in Pueblo Canaria, the square outside the Nestor museum.

Ice cream bar in Parque de San Telmo and close by, the new public Libray.

A view over the harbour and the Marina. Las Palmas harbour is one of Spains largest. The Marina has room for well over 1000 yachts.

The beach on the east side of Las Palmas, close to the marina.

Playa Llaya, just south of the city is popular for surfing. All sand here is completely black.

Evening light in Las Palmas. There is always something to celebrate.

  End of Las Palmas City 2013