6. Spain 2012  

We left Ireland and crossed the Biscay early in August. We had a good trip, spent a couple of days in Coruna and then followed the coast south to Povoa de Varzim in Portugal with stops in Muxia, Muros and Bayonna.


We waited a couple of days in Crosshaven for the right weather to cross the Biscay, then filled our water tanks and off we were. The Swedish boats Balance and Aniara left at the same time. We saw a lot of dolphins. You never get tired of watching them play around the boat.

Three days and 10 hours later we anchored outside la Coruna in northern Spain. We had good winds most of the time so the 510 NM passage was relatively quick.

The next morning we went into the marina. Coruna has a very modern harbor office building.

But also an old Castle, Castillo de San Anton, now a museum.

Tall Ships Race happened to visit Coruna when we were there. Here is one of the biggest participants, Dar Mlodziezy from Poland. We met her out at sea just as we left Coruna.

It was interesting to see the young crew work with the sails high up in the rig. A beautiful ship in very good shape.


We day sailed along the coast and continued south until we reached Bayonna with its beautiful beach and castle walls.

We took a walk to see the castello and its gardens. Lots of fantastic flowers.

Martin and Manne on their way up to Virgen de la Roca, a 15 meter high stone statue of a Madonna looking out over the sea with a small fishing boat in her hand.

The harbour from the top of the Castle. One of the boats in the harbour was a 31 meter long super yacht. It's the boat in the centre of this picture.

The weather got warmer and warmer. Manne had to try the water.

Last picture from Spain, Bayonna at night.

  End of Spain 2012