Leaving Lynx with a broker in Stockholm

In 1999 the idea of new boat had reached the state when it was time to sell Lynx. We decided to do it with the help of a well known broker in Stockholm, Galärbryggan. My friend Rune helped me on my last trip with Lynx, from Örebro to Stockholm through lake Hjälmaren, Hjälmare Canal and lake Mälaren, approx 100 nautical miles.

More about the route through lake Hjälmaren and Mälaren is available in the Cruising Logs from 1980, 1984, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

When you build a boat of your own, it is tempting to start using it long before it is fully finished. It is therefore a paradox that once you decide to sell it, it is probably more complete and better equipped than ever. Lynx was now a well tested and equipped long range cruiser that could easily be used for new trips over the big seas.

It was therefore quite a surprise to know a few years later, that the new owner had removed the hull extension, the anchor and windlass, put on a carbon fibre rig, a smaller engine and many other changes that were not compatible with what you would expect from a long range cruiser. The reason of course, was that he wanted to use Lynx for racing.

Lynx had been with us for 15 years and safely taken us from Iceland to Africa. Our children had grown up with her and 30.000 NM had passed under her keel. It was probably time for her to retire and for us to try something else. I'm happy the new owner gave us that possibility.

  The End of 1999