Building Lobacken, our home for 25 years

This year Lynx had to rest. During the winter 1989 I cut down forest to give space for our new home. In march 1990 when the ground frost disappeared we started building 200 meters of gravel road that was going to lead up to the house. Our neighbour, Kent Almer, did the digging, and Tommy (an old sailing friend) helped with a truck and I bought close to 100 loads of gravel that I spread out with my old tractor.

Sven-Gunnar (another old sailing friend) took charge of the building project and during the summer he and I erected what was going to become Lobacken. In November Tove, Martin and I moved in. Next year I finished the smaller of the two red buildings above with storage, carport etc. In 1998 I started to build the boat house that you see to the right. This is where we built Bird of Passage during 2000-2009. In January 2014 we sold Lobacken to a young family from Nora.

  The End of 1990